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2 day Level 3 Swedish Massage Therapist Diploma Course

(no previous experience needed)

This course will not only give you an amazing opportunity to become a professional masseur/masseuse it will also provide you with an in depth knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology via our 81 page Anatomy & Physiology Module 1 which will be sent to you prior to the course and it is a prerequisite that you study this for a minimum of 2 weeks before your attendance.


There will be an exam on the first morning of the course on Module 1, but we are aware how daunting this can be for different aged learners so we allow you to bring a printed copy or an electronic version in with you to the exam, you can also talk to your fellow attendees.

 A 85% pass mark is required.  


*Please note that all of the answers will be in the module, there will not be any trick questions.


The rest of the course is very practical, hands on and lots of fun.

This is a Level 3 Swedish Massage diploma & CPD course


When you have passed the course we will email you a copy of your Diploma or for just £10 extra we will give you one to take away on the day, which includes our Impressive Gold Embossed Seal/Stamp that will look great framed on your wall.


*As with all of our courses, this course is also recognised by Westminster Indemnity Insurance Ltd, and on successful completion you will be able to apply to obtain both public & professional indemnity insurance as a qualified Professional Massage Therapist.



Module 1: Anatomy & Physiology


The Building Blocks of Life

The Skin

The Skeleton

The Muscles

The Circulatory System

The Lymphatic System

The Nervous System

The Respiratory System

The Digestive System

The Urinary System

The Reproductive System


Module 2: Massage Diploma


History of Massage

Tools of The Trade




Massage Strokes

Contra Indications

Swedish Massage Techniques

Building Your Business

Ethics - Foundations For a Successful Career

Clinical Assessment

Client History


Added Bonus: Free of Charge, 7 Real Life Videos Showing You Lots of Different Massage Techniques


To book on our next course please follow this link

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Quote from previous student Jolene

Wonderful training experience. Even those of you who say you didn't like school, don't think that you can study again, etc. Believe you me you would still love this. Sean knows his stuff and shares his knowledge in such an honest, genuine way that it's easy to absorb but fundamentals are covered and materials provided. As a nurse I struggle to deliver anything but evidence based practice. However I have every confidence in my newly acquired skill. So thanks, I will definitely return as advised for my CPD

Quote from previous student Becki

Such a brilliant value for money 2 day Massage Diploma course this weekend .. Not only did I learn all about the anatomy and physiology of massaging and how to use massage moves on others, I also received an amazing free massage as a 'model' and Sean taught us all about the business side of being a massage therapist too and I now feel confident enough to set up on my own .. I'll definitely be returning for the Indian Head and Facial Massage course in the future too .. Thanks for a fab weekend, well worth the money and time!!

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